Emmy-Award-winning mixer.

Music mixing for records.

Sound mixing for film and television.

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Utilizing a cloud-based workflow.

Easy upload of sessions or AAF's.

I provide links to mixes for playback and notes.

Featuring noise reduction/removal with Izotope software.

Skype, phone, or email collaboration.

Recording Engineer and Sound Mixer.

Over 200 records, 40+ films, and 100’s of television episodes.

Over 25 years of working with major artists.

Recently engineered and mixed music:  Tabor, Lex Cole, Starving Darling

Recently mixed documentaries: Deej, Everything Must Change, Off The Rails, From the Ground Up, and Unseen.

Active Member of The Recording Academy, Television Academy, and Cinema Audio Society.


Bill Jackson has been mixing records, film, and television most of his life, and has earned an Emmy Award for outstanding Sound Mixing for HBO's Entourage. His other recent credits include Madam Secretary, Rosewood, and Outsiders. Jackson was a musician in his youth and spent much of his early career as a recording engineer in the record industry. He has engineered a number of gold and platinum records for such artists as Los Lobos and Sheila E, and was introduced to film work through composer Danny Elfman, with whom he had worked on several album projects for the band Oingo Boingo.

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